“If it doesn’t matter to you, then what’s the fucking point?”, he spat across the table, giving me an incredulous stare. Believe it or not, but my colleague is actually nice. He has twinkly eyes that look at you through a pair of small, round and funny glasses, they remind me of Gyro Gearloose. He is short and bald […]


June Maarten thought it would be fun to start a podcast so he kindly went ahead and made all the arrangements. There was no way back. July Maarten figured that this would be September Maarten’s problem. He thoroughly enjoyed the holidays. August Maarten experienced self-doubts and procrastinated. In the meantime, podcast man of the Podcast […]


September came and duty called, so I flew back to Budapest to become a better philosopher. Contrary to last year, the foresight of spending the next three months of my life away from home without seeing most of my friends and family didn’t make me unhappy or anxious this time. I felt strangely indifferent about […]