The Weirdness Of Aging

As the days get shorter, an urge to reflect seems to beget all of us. Caught under this end-of-year spell, it dawned on me that I have entered the second half of my twenties and am making a little bit of money for the first time. Indeed, I feel like I’m — wait for it — becoming an ‘adult’, […]

Some Practical Thoughts On Unhappiness

“Tomorrow will be different”. When I feel lonely or out of place in Budapest, this is what I tell myself. It gives me hope. It tells me that my happiness will improve when my circumstances improve. Small problem: this is false. How does one alleviate unhappiness? Because we’ll have our portion of misery anyway, we’d do best to try to […]

If It Sucks, Do Something Else

I nearly cried when I had this realization: I don’t allow myself to do things solely because I enjoy them. After my Master’s, I went volunteering in Africa. My family encouraged me to keep a travel blog, so I reluctantly started one. Some months in, I discovered that I actually like to write. Later, I started blogging […]

If Goals Are Your Source Of Motivation, Stop Immediately

Goals. Are. Awesome. Used right, they are effective tools for improving yourself and achieving your dreams. For instance, I recently experimented with unreasonably high goals and found that they totally drive accomplishment. I also feel that goals make any endeavor more exciting. They are like bacon: whatever you add them to, they’re going to make it better. But your goal shouldn’t be the thing that’s pulling you forward. […]

I Worry About Forgetting My Life

He always knows how to hit me where it hurts the most. “It was all for nothing.” According to one of the more annoying voices in my head, if I don’t remember something, it was wasted. Perhaps you know the feeling: you’ve lost your memory of an awesome event or an instructive book. You feel […]

Moral Philosophy and What To Aim For In Your Life

I have an imaginary friend, whom I’ll call John. John wants to know how he should live. In particular, he wants to know what kind of life he has most reason to aim for. He keeps asking me: “Which life do I have the strongest reasons to try to have?” The source of reasons That’s already deep stuff, but […]

How Can There Be Truths About How To Live In The First Place?

‘How does the world work?’ and ‘How should I live?’ are two fascinating and important questions. At first glance, they appear to call for separate inquiries, but if the world contains truths about values, they actually don’t. If objective values exist, then a complete inventory of all that is true about the world will also provide rough initial solutions to […]

Use Imagination To Exploit The Law Of Attraction

I want to interview a famous philosopher for my forthcoming podcast. Then I want to have the most interesting conversation ever. I want to inspire people to think more about how to live. When this day comes, I’ll realize how scary this is and how inexperienced I am in interviewing. I’ll doubt myself and will want […]

When I’m Awake, I Work — And That’s A Good Thing

People keep telling me that I work so much. But when people announce this assessment to me, I’m always confused. For example, when I achieved my one-year goal in three months, many responses I got were like: “You deserve it, you’ve worked so hard for it”. That’s literally what people said to me. I didn’t get it. […]

This Is Water: How To Understand People (A Little Bit)

In 1806, US entrepreneur Frederic Tudor sailed to tropical Martinique with a big scheme to sell ice to the locals. Sounds like a solid business plan. Didn’t work. The islanders found the product to be nothing other than a curiosity. Having never experienced a cold drink, they could not get why ice had any such […]