10 Projects Per Life

In his podcast interview with writer Susan Cain, Tim Ferriss accurately observed that “When the people see the finished product, it’s easy to assume that it comes from an attribute as opposed to a skill.” In other words: as soon as you’ve got something done, the thing, to outsiders, looks like it results from a […]

Jean-Jacques Rousseau: The Two Biases That Stop Us From Knowing Ourselves

Oh boy, did Rousseau have a lot to explain. In 1745, he met Thérèse Levasseur, a barely literate laundry-maid who became his lover and, later, his wife. Thérèse bore him five children, all of whom he deposited at the foundling hospital — an almost certain death sentence in eighteenth-century France. Yes, it’s true: Jean-Jacques Rousseau, philosopher of compassion, […]

How To Avoid The Illusion Of Progress

I bet that, right now, you’re not growing. You might think you are, but you are not. In fact, I bet that your abilities in the things you care most about aredeteriorating. I bet that for many skills, once you’ve learned them, you no longer to get better at them. As performance researcher Anders Ericsson […]

4 Lessons From A Life-Changing Year Of Writing

I published my first article on February 28th, 2018. In February 2019, I made almost $2000 in the Partner Program. That’s why this year on Medium was life-changing: what started as a hobby changed into a source of income, which has huge implications for the role it can play in my life. Here are four lessons that […]

Ambition is Scary, But Apathy is Dangerous

Self-improvement doesn’t make people happier. The entire point of self-improvement is to evolve to that place where you’re no longer preoccupied with becoming better. Yet, as the avid self-help-fan will have experienced, trying to self-optimize only seems to drive one away from asatisfied, ‘I’m enough,’ state of mind. Even worse: if you need such goals to feel like your existence has […]

5 In-Depth Lessons after 5 Months Writing on Medium (And 2.000 New Followers)

There are many articles in which writers share what they’ve learned during their first successful months on Medium. Generally, such pieces go over writing– and Medium fundamentals. If you’re looking for that, this post by Nick Wignall covers the essentials (about publications, building a network, going viral — that kind of stuff) in a laudably complete and applicable way. That said, I think […]