I’ve never had an external writing goal. Making people think, or act, accomplishing this or that — it hardly crosses my mind. If I don’t change people’s lives, I’m fine with that too. I’m curious, so I try to figure stuff out. My fascination is the driver. I pick topics I’m excited to dig into. And I’ll spend […]

Stop Prioritizing Popularity — You’ll Never Grow

I want to disable my access to my (Medium) stats. In Greek mythology, Sirens are creatures that seduce sailors with their irresistible voices, drawing them to their deaths. In Homer’s Odyssey, the hero Odysseus, passing through, instructs his sailors to plug their ears with beeswax and to tie him to the mast, leaving him there, no matter how much […]

Should You Really Stop Writing In The Middle Of A Sentence?

Chances are, if you do some writing, you’ve come across the quote of Ernest Hemmingway about his writing routine where he says he “Learned never to empty the well of my writing, but always to stop when there was still something there in the deep part of the well, and let it refill at night from […]

Why Are You Not Making An Impact? Perhaps It’s Just The Middle

The middle is where it gets tough. In the beginning, you’ve still got all the enthusiasm. And when you can see the finish line, you start your sprint. The middle, though, often feels like a quicksand of pointless deadlines, tasks and loose ends. Why I am undergoing this, again? In the middle, the mountain peak we remember seeing — hallucinating? — so vividly […]

The Most Important Skill You Forgot

Today, everywhere we turn, someone is trying to steal our attention. We are bombarded non-stop with attention stealing cannonballs aimed at our heads shouting “Hey look over here — you should really think about joining us!” Buy this! Vote that! Don’t vote that! Do something about this! Facebook sucks! Get active for my good cause! Jeans are so out of fashion! […]

If Goals Are Your Source Of Motivation, Stop Immediately

Goals. Are. Awesome. Used right, they are effective tools for improving yourself and achieving your dreams. For instance, I recently experimented with unreasonably high goals and found that they totally drive accomplishment. I also feel that goals make any endeavor more exciting. They are like bacon: whatever you add them to, they’re going to make it better. But your goal shouldn’t be the thing that’s pulling you forward. […]

How Dare You Settle For Less When The World Has Made It So Easy For You To Be Remarkable?

Think about this metaphor: If there is no track, you can’t be off track. Also, recall the analogous scene in Alice in Wonderlandin which Alice asks the cat which way she should go and the cat answers: if you don’t care where you end up, it doesn’t matter which way you go. Let’s say that tracks or ways are goals. It follows that, without a goal, you can’t go wrong. […]

Use Imagination To Exploit The Law Of Attraction

I want to interview a famous philosopher for my forthcoming podcast. Then I want to have the most interesting conversation ever. I want to inspire people to think more about how to live. When this day comes, I’ll realize how scary this is and how inexperienced I am in interviewing. I’ll doubt myself and will want […]

When I’m Awake, I Work — And That’s A Good Thing

People keep telling me that I work so much. But when people announce this assessment to me, I’m always confused. For example, when I achieved my one-year goal in three months, many responses I got were like: “You deserve it, you’ve worked so hard for it”. That’s literally what people said to me. I didn’t get it. […]

Is It Really Possible To Complete A 1-Year Goal In The Next 3 Months?

In less than three months, I grew my number of Medium-followers by 567%. It’s not as extraordinary as it sounds, and you can do it too. The situation A little background. I started writing on Medium in February 2018. Pretty soon, the stats taught me that my articles were getting a good response — that what I produce adds value […]