Life Is Not A Journey, But A Meal

Let’s think about today’s most popular life advice. Focus on the process, not the results! Live in the moment! Life’s about the journey, not about the destination. The ultimate reward is the process. It’s so frequently offered as well-intended guidance that it’s becoming a meaningless cliché, stripped of its wisdom through overuse. Here’s another gem of often-expressed wisdom: […]

If Goals Are Your Source Of Motivation, Stop Immediately

Goals. Are. Awesome. Used right, they are effective tools for improving yourself and achieving your dreams. For instance, I recently experimented with unreasonably high goals and found that they totally drive accomplishment. I also feel that goals make any endeavor more exciting. They are like bacon: whatever you add them to, they’re going to make it better. But your goal shouldn’t be the thing that’s pulling you forward. […]

How Dare You Settle For Less When The World Has Made It So Easy For You To Be Remarkable?

Think about this metaphor: If there is no track, you can’t be off track. Also, recall the analogous scene in Alice in Wonderlandin which Alice asks the cat which way she should go and the cat answers: if you don’t care where you end up, it doesn’t matter which way you go. Let’s say that tracks or ways are goals. It follows that, without a goal, you can’t go wrong. […]

When I’m Awake, I Work — And That’s A Good Thing

People keep telling me that I work so much. But when people announce this assessment to me, I’m always confused. For example, when I achieved my one-year goal in three months, many responses I got were like: “You deserve it, you’ve worked so hard for it”. That’s literally what people said to me. I didn’t get it. […]

Is It Really Possible To Complete A 1-Year Goal In The Next 3 Months?

In less than three months, I grew my number of Medium-followers by 567%. It’s not as extraordinary as it sounds, and you can do it too. The situation A little background. I started writing on Medium in February 2018. Pretty soon, the stats taught me that my articles were getting a good response — that what I produce adds value […]

My Year Of Growth And Disappointments

The academic year 2017–2018 is done. Time to reflect. To keep track of my progress, I conduct monthly evaluations. They are metric-based and are designed to answer the question: ‘Am I making enough progress towards the goals I’ve set?’ This annual review goes beyond assessing goal-attainment and covers the deeper stuff. It reminds me to look back on […]

The Startling Truth About “What We Deserve”

Jobs are like clothes. More precisely: pay is like fashion. The reasons that jeans are fashionable or that certain jobs are well-paid are, in both cases, quite random. Yes, I’ll explain. Arbitrary outcomes Fashionability is completely relative, and we know it is. There are no ‘facts’ about whether something is or is not fashionable. When […]

I Thought I Knew What I Wanted. I Was Wrong. This Is What I Learned

Fuck. Waking up, I was happy and found myself eagerly thinking about the super interesting amazing blog that I would write later today. I got out of bed and walked to the kitchen. While making my morning coffee, I realized something. I couldn’t spend any time on writing cool stuff today because I had a deadline for […]

Work: Ask Less To Get More

“You shouldn’t be here.” I am sitting in a sweaty classroom when I hear the voice again. I sigh. Not now please. I am not in the mood for this. I am attending the umpteenth conference talk I feel I couldn’t care less about. “You have made the wrong choice.” The voice is my own’s. It’s in my head, urging me to re-evaluate my […]

The Difference: Living Well vs. Living Great

So many writers advertise their blog by promising ‘a better life’. On my Dutch website, I used to do the same, feeling increasingly uncomfortable about my pledge. Reading an essay and thinking about it is one thing, but changing your behavior is a whole different ballgame. I found it hard to imagine that my writings had a […]